Al Sports Historic photographs
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H223 Surfers paradis 1940`s
H261 Australian Cricket Team Headingley England 1930
H533 Randwick Racecourse 1920`s
H535 Surfers Paradise 1940`s
H567 The Tennis Party c1909
H657 Bowling Green Ryde 1915
H679 Moruya Race Course 1905
H767 Tumut Racecourse c1910
H770 Fancy Footballers Roma 1910
H785 Tenterfield Racecourse c1910
H985 Cambelltown Showground 1890`s
H1043Club 1940 Lake MacQuarie Yacht
H1066 Coburg Rifle Club Team 1907
H1217 Perth Racecoarse (Ascot) Western Australia 1909
H1356 Australian Cricket Team 1938
H1390 Australian Cricket team 1921
H1427 Mudgee Bowling Club 1912
H1457 Warick Farm Racecourse
R1 Randwick Racecourse 1880`s
R18 Randwick Racecourse c1915
R19 Randwick Racecourse c1915
R20 Randwick Racecourse c1915
R21 Randwick Racecourse 1900`s
R22 Randwick Racecourse 1909
R23 Randwick Racecourse 1920`s
R70 Randwick Racecourse 1920`s
R71 Sydney Cricket Ground Driver Ave 1920`s
R81 Coogee Oval c1910
S230 Roseberry Racecourse 1900`s
S268 Dingy Race from Clarke Island Sydney c1900
S486  Lidcomb Oval c1935
S565 18 footers Morton Bay c1910
S589 Cricket Ground 1901
S590 Showground (federation)1901
S684 Sydney Cricket Ground 1907
S798 Australian Cricket Team 1912
S831 Australian Kangaroos team 1933-4
S887 Australian Rugby Union Team 1908
S907 Cronulla Surf Club Members
S914 Pharlap-Jimmy Pike
W25 Bondi Surf Club c1930
W26 Bondi Lifesavers 1906
W28 Bondi Lifesavers 1920`s
W31 Tennis Game Bondi c1915
W84 Bondi Poster 1930`s
W177 Bondi Bowling Club 1930`s
W213Bondi Lifesavers 1909
W217 North Bondi Surf Club 1930`s
W273 Bondi Belles 1919
W274 Bondi Belles 1919
W279 Waverley Tug of War Team c1915
W306 Bondi 1950

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