F1 Paris Lady
F2 Paris Lady
F20 Camel Train on the Darling 1900`s
F27 Ned Kelly
F41 Ned Kellys Letter
F42 Diggers in Greece 1942
F44 Lumber Jacks 1880s
F69 Map of Australia
H11 Murray Tyrrell Australian Light Horse 1917
H34 The Wedding c1910
H35 Family Picnic Blue Mountains 1900
H36 Edge & Edge The Office 1900`s
H37 Edge & Edge The Factory Workshop 1900`s
H54 The Workshop Picnic (Edge & Edge)1900
H55 The Workshop Picnic 1900
H56 Our Boys Birthday 1900
H57 The Homestead 1900
H58 The Factory 1900
H62 Girl Drawing
H63 Girl Drawing
H83 The Hunting Party Metalong Valley 1890`s
H86 Mr. Bone Shaving 1890
H97 Swimmers
H152 Railway Construction Team 1900
H179 Wool Team 1900
H181 Artesian Bore 1900
H188 Old Cars 1905
H233 christmas Party 1887
H261 Australian Cricket Team Headingley England 1930
H372 Shearing c1905
H374 Wool Team c1905
H450A Cooley`s Bus Timetable 1890`s
H502 Instant Relative
H503 Instant Relative
H512 Instant Relative
H513 Instant Relative
H514 Instant Relative
H515 Instant Relative
H547 1916
H567 The Tennis Party c1909
H624 Mick Flynn 1904
H740 Instant Relatives
H744 1920`s
H770 Fancy Footballers Roma 1910
H855 Australian Alps 1903
H927 Goat Cart 1927
H952 In The Shearing Shed 1930
H963 Timber Cutters 1910
H1017 Sundowners 1906
H1033 Workers 1920`s
H1066 Coburg Rifle Club Team 1907
H1075 Aston`s Circus
H1243 Settlers Home 1900`s
H1244 1920`s
H1254 Train 1895
H1345 Bathing Ladies
H1356 Australian Cricket Team 1938
H1385 Don Bradman
H1387 Jimmy Curruthers
H1390 Australian Cricket team 1921