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1-11-10 Circular Quay 1960`s
F50 The James Craig
H443 On the Derwent 1900`s
H545 PS Waratah 1885
H751 1920`s
H1016 On the HMAS Australia 1913
H1031 HMAS Canberra 1930`s
H1032 Oronsay 1930`s
H1245 French Bounty Ships in the Derwent
H1255 Spirit of Progress 1930`s
H1341 Battleshios 1940`s
H1401 MV Canberra 1960`s
H1459 Oronsay 1960`s
H1461 HMAS Australia Nelsons Victory 1913
P43 HMS Aurther
R117  The Malabar Malabar 1931
S62,Yacht Era 1890`s
S72 Man o War Sterb 1890`s
S74 SS `Orient` 1890`s
S199 H.M.S Nelson Cockatoo Island 1885
S233 The Sobraon 1890`s
S236 The North Shore Steam Board Members 1878
S307 The Vernon 1890`s
S308 The Detached Squadron 1881
S310 Success 1890
S313 H.M.S Galatea 1870
S566 Tall Ship Liverpool 1880
S602 HMS Dunedin 1930`s
S603 HMS Repulse 1930`s
S604 The Hood 1930`s
S605 `Nelson` Cockatoo Island c1910
S606 USS Louisiana c1915
S607 Monkbarus c1910
S609 Mount Stewart c1910
S610 Rothesay Bay c1910
S800 US Fleet
S816 S.S Thode Facelung Stranded at Cronulla 1908
S891 Fairsky 1970's

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